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TCP training centers (cabin crew) and aerial technicians

Official School of Flight Assistants (TCPS)

Air-Hostess, Official School of Flight Assistants (TCPS), was founded in 1995, becoming the center of specialized training with more trajectory and national recognition.

Our teaching method based on discipline, motivation, tenacity and work projection, together with exclusive standards of uniformity and image, have made us a benchmark for commercial airline companies.

Our students are working for the most prestigious national and international airlines. Studying with Air Hostess is a guarantee of job success. 

Approved official center

Air Hostess is a center approved by the state air safety agency, authorized to issue the official title of TCP (Cabin Crewmember)


Years of experience
Since 1995 training professionals
We are very close to you
Students satisfied
We are still waiting for you.

Guarantee of work

Air Hostess offers you the possibility of accessing the Cabin Crew course with a written work guarantee. To access our guaranteed job placement, it is necessary to conduct a personal admission interview with the management of the center, where the candidate's application will be evaluated. Places for each promotion are limited. 

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