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AH Bilbao: Good morning Victor, congratulations on your incorporation.

These days there are many open days of Emirates in our country. Could you tell us what the selection process you've been like for the company?

V.Sierra: The truth is that I can not be happier. I was introduced to the Open day of Emirates in Bilbao we were quite a few people, about a hundred candidates. First they gave us an hour-long talk about the company, where it operates, what planes it has, the life of the crew member in Dubai ... then they started the tests. Several group dynamics, English, psychotechnics, and the next day the personal interview.

After a month and a week came the longed for "Golden Call", where I was informed that I was selected. It's time to prepare everything, documentation, vaccines ...

I leave on the 17th and I can not be more excited, and I will tell you my experiences and news about my life in Dubai.

I take this opportunity to thank the entire Air Hostess team, all your advice has been a great help

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