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Sandra Morales, already works for Air Horizont

My name is Sandra, I am 23 years old and I did the TCP course in the summer of 2014 in Madrid.

Since I was little I have always been very clear that I wanted to be a flight attendant, and when I was 17 I started looking at schools online. I was always very clear that I wanted to take the course with Air Hostess since I personally informed myself through old students and they transmitted me a lot of seriousness and, of course, I stood out in front of the other academies.

The course I liked a lot because every day I came home with something learned more interesting than the day before. The teachers in particular, Carmen and Maria Jose, always supported me very much and I am very grateful for it.

In June I received a call from the academy to do an interview with Air Horizont, a new charter airline, which was going to do the process in the same academy of Air Hostess but in Bilbao. So to the two days I was in Bilbao with 30 more people to do the interview.

First the boy told us a little about the company, then he gave us an interview in English, which made me very nervous and I was not able to read the voices in English. Subsequently, I apologized for my nerves and for not being able to demonstrate my level better; So I went to the main room rather disappointed.

 After two hours of waiting, the interviewer met us again to tell us who was going to the personal interview. So he named seven girls, and to my astonishment my name was the first! I was so astonished that I did not know what to say to my companions, I was inside and I had not even noticed! When I entered the personal interview I was very excited and I could not stop smiling. The interviewer asked me a little about my CV and asked me to re-read the voices in English, so I read them again and this time I read them perfect because I was not nervous anymore! Then she told me that being a charter company, that if I had to send a month to China, I would be willing to go. My response was: "I go wherever you" want "without any problem!" The interviewer started laughing and said: "Congratulations granaína!"

The following week I did the conversion course in Zaragoza with 13 other girls. They explained that little by little they would call us these months, and for now have entered seven girls, which have already been in Lisbon, Cape Verde, Tunisia, France ... so I see my dream come true. I believe that with great effort, patience and illusion it is possible to achieve it. I hope you can call me soon and I can tell you my experience on board!

submitted by academia - 20/08/2015

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