Friday - 23.October.2020
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Isabel Anarte, student of Air Hostess Sevilla begins to work as TCP in the airline Wamos Air

"I recently finished one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and I would like to thank who made it possible. Air Hostess Sevilla brings me many things, not only the professionalism with which they work and the motivation they know to instill in all their students, but also the affection and closeness with which they do it, if they are exceptional teachers, they are even better people.

 Every effort has its reward but I have to admit that at Air Hostess Sevilla they put the easy way, their advice and their interest for us once we have finished they have helped me a lot and have paved the way to get here.

 Therefore, if I had to choose an Academy again to fulfill my dream, I would certainly choose Air Hostess Sevilla as many times as necessary.

 Thank you for helping me to fulfill my dream and to be part of this beautiful stage that has only just begun. "


Thank you

submitted by academia - 29/03/2016

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