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“I got up in the morning in the mood to go to the gym”


A little more than a year ago Daniel began his training as TCP at the Air Hostess academy in Madrid. Today his dream of working flying has come true after joining one of the most well-known international companies, Ryanair. His experience is an inspiration and a source of pride for us, and that is why we have asked him to tell us how the process has been and what steps he has taken to become an aviation professional such as he is today.

“ It all started in October 2015 when I chose Air Hostess on the recommendation of my friend Alba, a former student of the academy and to this day, I can not be more happy with the choice I made. Air Hostess changed my life in no time. You wake up in the morning wanting to go to the academy and learn more about this wonderful job, were 4 months very intense but I wish it had lasted longer the course, I enjoyed it very much. Teachers delighted with their work as this is reflected in the way they teach classes, enjoy them and enjoyed my classmates and myself. What about my colleagues, who now consider them friends. The link with the academy did not finish at the end of the course, shortly after the interviews began in the airlines, Air Hostess prepared us excellent way and thanks to this, now the vast majority are working and flying with different companies.

My experience was the best you can have, I finished the course and two weeks later, in my first interview, Ryanair gave me the opportunity to catch my wings. I spent a month and a half doing the conversion course in Germany, it was hard, but thanks to the knowledge I acquired at the School I was a little easier. To this day, I live in London, working from what I really like. With effort and sacrifice everything is achieved, part of my success is due to Air Hostess and his entire team. If someone a few months ago tells me that all this was going to happen I would not believe him. Carmen, Maria Jose, Gema, Pablo and other teachers, I can only thank you because without you none of this would have been possible.

Air Hostess is a great family that will be there whenever we need it. ”


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