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Erika Lumalang, "I am living a dream called Evelop Airlines"

"I'm living a dream," Erika Lumalang

My name is Erika Lumalang. I am twenty years old and I am from the Philippines.

I studied "Flight Assistant" at Air Hostess Mataró, Barcelona.

Now I'm flying on an airline called Evelop Airlines since June and I'm super happy.

Since I was ten years old, I have always seen the stewardesses pass through the airports when I was traveling. She always said, "someday I'll be a flight attendant." When I was eighteen, I knew what I wanted to do, so I decided to start flight stewardess studies.

I finished it in four months, since here in Spain it is a shorter course than in my country.

Now I am very proud to have been able to reach my goal and I want to thank all the achievements of the Air Hostess family for having taught me fool what I know about aeronautical life and being a perfect TCP. Without them, I could not be what I am now.

I'm living a dream. Millions of thanks especially to my lovely teachers, Monica and Patricia.

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