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Aircraft Technician Courses

He works at the airport. Become a handling agent or flight dispatcher.

With our Air Operations Technician course, once passed the final exams, Air-Hostess issues to the student the Diploma of Flight Operations Technician-Flight Dispatcher. The entire syllabus of the Course complies with the regulations of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities). 

Career goals

  • Incorporation to the different departments that make up today the direction of operations of an airline
  • Preparation of all technical documentation for delivery to the flight office
  • Flight Plans
  • Information on the state of air navigation aid
  • Analysis of meteorology
  • Follow-up of the rotation of all the aircraft that compose the fleet and search for solutions to possible operational incidents
  • Coordination of fuel loading as well as scheduling of all ground handling equipment (buses, generators, compressors)
  • Control of the flight crew's aerial activity
  • Coordination and request of ground transportation to / from the airport to the hotel, included in the daily schedule 

Course Schedule TOA

  • Airport facilities
  • Baggage, billing and air tickets
  • Ground handling activities (Handling)
  • Meteorology applied to aviation
  • Aerodynamics and early flight
  • Air navigation, instrumentation and cartography
  • Rules and Regulations of Air Transport
  • Control of crew activity
  • Planning
  • Special and dangerous goods by air
  • Communication system
  • ETOPS regulation
  • Platform Coordination
  • Performances

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